“Metro Arts” is the office of Arts & Culture for the city of  Nashville and Davidson County. We believe that arts drive a more vibrant  and equitable community. We strive to ensure that all Nashvillians have access to a creative life through community investments, artist and organizational training, public art and creative placemaking coordination and direct programs that involve residents in all forms of arts and culture.

Please complete if you have been selected for monitoring for your ABC grant. 

FY23 Thrive Application - Category 1: Community-Based Art Projects

This funding artist-led, community-based art projects that include collaboration between artists and community partners and organizations. This category is open to individual artists and artist teams, and to nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Individual artists or artist teams may apply and identify community partner organization(s), or organizations/businesses may apply and identify artists or artist teams to lead the project.

Applicants in Thrive Category 1 may apply for up to $9,500 in funding.

Please review the Thrive Guidelines on our website.
If you experience any technical difficulties submitting to this application, please contact Submittable's Customer Support team.

FY23 Thrive Application - Category 2: Community-Based Art Projects
This funding supports artist-led, community-based art projects. This category of Thrive will focus on artists who are newer to community practice and/or Metro Arts funding and are looking to bring their artistic skills to their community. This category is open ONLY to individual artists and artist teams and should include collaboration between artists and community partners or organizations. This cycle will prioritize artists who have not previously received Thrive funds and will include mentoring and professional development workshops.

Applicants in Thrive Category 2 may apply for up to $5,000 in funding.

Please review the Thrive Guidelines on our website.

If you experience any technical difficulties submitting to this application, please contact Submittable's Customer Support team.

Metro recently adopted an ordinance and guidelines for the purpose of evaluating potential donated artworks. This policy plans for the fact that there are limited suitable sites on public property for placement of donated artworks and limited public funds for maintenance and conservation of donated artworks. Each artwork will be evaluated by the Public Art Committee and the Metro Arts Commission in addition to the Metro Department accepting the donation.

In order for Metro to evaluate donations, donors are required to provide information about the artwork donation via Submittable at least six (6) months prior to the anticipated donation acceptance date.  You may also download the donor checklist/worksheet to assist in the process of gathering information about your artwork.

***PLEASE NOTE** Donations of artwork that require the city to pay for costs such as installation, transportation, site preparation or repair are not encouraged. Artwork requiring high or excessive maintenance may be declined.

Ordinance No. BL2015-1277 "D. Unless the metropolitan council has appropriated funding specifically for the installation and maintenance costs for the donated artwork, a donor’s proposal shall include funding adequate to cover all costs for the design, fabrication, insurance, transportation, storage, installation, and maintenance of the proposed artwork for a period of ten years from the date of acceptance, plus contingency funds for reasonable unforeseen circumstances."

Metro Arts frequently has opportunities for artists and community members to participate in program development, funding and artist selection panels, and community art projects.  Use this form to share your information and interest with us, and we'll contact you about specific opportunities that may be a good fit!

**Interested in being a panelist but can't make the dates of any of our current open calls? Share your information here to be notified of future calls for panelists.**

Metro Arts is interested in recruiting Nashville/Davidson County residents to join the Committee for Antiracism & Equity (CARE) of the Arts Commission. Particularly, individuals who have an interest in forwarding equity work within the arts and cultural sector. The Metro Arts Board of Commissioners established the Committee for Anti-Racism and Equity (CARE), comprised of community members and Commission members, as a standing committee to support Metro Arts in keeping the promise of its mission to drive an equitable and vibrant community through the arts. CARE is committed to holding Metro Arts accountable in becoming fully antiracist in its identity and working for equity in all policies and practices with the goal of dismantling all systems of oppression within the arts ecosystem.   

Each member will need to commit to the following prior to joining the team:  

• Within 12 months of being appointed, required attendance at an antiracism training.

• Demonstrated commitment to work toward a common understanding of the goal of racial equity.

• Demonstrated ability to apply an antiracist analysis to the organization as well as the team and the self (as individuals).

• Attend meetings regularly. Currently regular meetings occur on the first Wednesday of the month between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed.

In addition, several norms and agreements have been formulated by existing members, which include: 

Be accountable to stakeholders of color, all genders and other marginalized groups by viewing questions, issues, and topics of discussion through an antiracist lens.

Identify connections between systemic racism and other forms of marginalization, exclusion, and oppression including those related to race, gender, sexuality, and ability.

Be able to name and define systemic racism and its roots.

Recognize existing injustices and commit to the ongoing work.

If you are interested in being considered, please fill out the following application.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for Temporary Art on Metro Property in Nashville-Davidson County, TN. To ensure your project is eligible, please read the complete guidelines before proceeding to the application.

Please note that this is not a call to artists and there is no funding associated with this review and approval process. Artists and applicant organizations must work primarily in Davidson County to be eligible to apply.

If you experience any technical difficulties submitting to this application, please contact Submittable's Customer Support team.

For questions regarding the content of the application or the guidelines, please contact Anne-Leslie Owens, Public Art Project Manager, at Anne-Leslie.Owens@nashville.gov.

Metro Arts